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Loyola University New Orleans congratulates Paul Roach for illustrations in ‘From A to Zoot’

Loyola press release - December 12, 2018

A studio art junior at Loyola University New Orleans is now a published illustrator for a children’s picture book called “From A to Zoot,” released in October by Mascot Publishing.

New Orleans native Paul Kalil Roach has a passion for art and design. Roach, who attended Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Ga., as a high school student was inspired by his art teacher to pursue a career as an artist. As a studio arts major in Loyola’s acclaimed College of Music and Fine Arts, Roach is now gaining insight to all aspects of the art field.

“I was asked to draw an Owl you might find in the magical Land of Zoot. I spent several weeks drawing, then sent the authors my illustrations. They called me back 15 minutes later and told me that I got the job,” Roach said of the inspiring alphabet book he illustrated for the authors, Louisiana attorney Margaret David Laborde of Lafayette, La., and Rebecca Feeney Doherty, a former teacher and senior U.S. District Court Judge from Louisiana who recently relocated to Tennessee.

The process of drawing the book took him approximately 18 months to complete. Roach used colored pencils and drawing papers to create his vivid and whimsical illustrations of the loveable “zootsnoot” and friends in the Land of Zoot, but says that if he gets the opportunity to illustrate another book, he would try new techniques, including using opaque markers.

Roach cites among his many inspirations Salvador Dali, a surrealistic artist, and Alex and Allyson Gray, a married couple who create art together. In the future, Roach hopes to continue his artistic path, open his own art gallery, and create “out-of-the-box experiences” for the guests who come to the gallery to see his work.

“From A to Zoot” is currently on sale now on various platforms, including Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and Target. Copies are also available locally at the Garden District Book Store and Barnes and Noble.